Kate Middleton's Family Will Play a Bigger Role in New Baby's Life Than We Thought

It's no secret that Kate Middleton and Prince William have basically overturned royal isolationist tradition in order that Prince George may have as normal a childhood as possible. New reports indicate that they have no plans to change their parenting style once their new baby arrives -- in fact, the Middleton family may be more involved than ever!


First off, it's totally against the norm for traditional royals to display affection, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have never shied away from the notion. It's likely a combination of Princess Diana's open love for her sons, along with the fact that Kate grew up a commoner, with hugely supportive parents.

No wonder they ended up together.

Now that the royal couple of the 21st century has changed things ... what does it look like? Given how Prince George has been treated, along with insider information ... the newest royal children shall be treated as normally as possible.

Will and Kate apparently want to take after Di, who showered "her boys -- William and his younger brother, Prince Harry -- in public." Williams's father, Prince Charles, and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, have been rare to show emotion in public.

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Given this predisposition toward a normal up-bringing, as opposed to a traditionally royal one, Kate's middle-class family has been more involved with her childrens' life than they would be otherwise.

ABC News' royal contributor Victoria Murphy said, "The Middletons have had a huge influence on Prince George's upbringing and will have a huge influence on his little brother or sister's upbringing."

And if anyone had any doubt about it, Prince William has apparently totally embraced Kate's family as his own, even calling Michael Middleton 'Dad,' according to Murphy.

Back in 2010, when Will and Kate were just engaged, the future King of England (AKA Will) said, "Mike and Carole have been really loving and caring and really fun. They have been really welcoming towards me so I've felt really I've felt really a part of the family."

We love a good love story, and this seems to be one of the best!

Do you think the Middletons will have a major influence over the future royals?


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