Bruce Jenner 'Bra' Photos on Magazine Cover Take Things Way Too Far (PHOTO)

Just when we thought the paparrazzi couldn't get any more invasive after they snapped a photo of Bruce Jenner wearing a black and white striped maxi dress outside of his home, they get even MORE invasive. An Australian magazine has published pictures of what it claims is Bruce outside wearing nothing but a bikini.


The cover of Who magazine shows a blurry figure that is supposedly Bruce in nothing but a black bikini top showing off what is supposedly his new 44-C chest.

Bruce appears to be changing outside somewhere -- maybe sunbathing. Kind of like Kate Middleton all over again.

While it's true that Bruce isn't exactly keeping his transition -- which is still technically just a rumor, can you believe it? -- a secret or private, what with having a two-hour Diane Sawyer special and a (supposed) documentary coming up, these photos take it too far.

Imagine if this was a woman (okay, Bruce is a woman -- allegedly -- but I mean someone who is born with a woman's body) outside in her bra on her private property and the paps snapped her from far away with a telephoto lens, people would be outraged. Why is it okay for Bruce?

Bruce is reportedly so furious with the paps who caught him in his dress that he is vowing to sue.

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If he is truly transitioning to female then he will appear in public in a dress or other feminine clothing on his own time -- why the rush to get it before he's ready? Oh right, because that will be bigger money.

But taking pics of Bruce in a bikini, or some other intimate position -- that's just not right. Paps, you need to chill out.

Image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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