Rumer Willis Confesses Embarrassing Secret About Ashton Kutcher

Ashton KutcherImagine if Ashton Kutcher married your mother. You'd probably spend half the time wishing the marriage nothing but success, the other half wishing your mother had a freak gardening accident so you could claim your stepfather for yourself. Hey, women aren't immune to Oedipal complexes! Props to Demi Moore's daughter, Rumer, for being honest and telling it like it is! She had a big crush on her one-time stepdad, Ashton!


Rumer, who is burning up the stage with her natural dancing ability on Dancing with the Stars, confessed to Howard Stern that it was "definitely weird" having such a hot stepdad, and one only 11 years older than herself.

But she also says he was a great stepdad -- up until he cheated on her mom, I'm guessing.

At the time Ashton and Demi were married, it was reported that Ashton and his three stepdaughters were very close. Demi also said much of the reason she was divorcing Ashton was so that her daughters wouldn't think it was right to accept certain behaviors that she didn't name -- but we strongly suspect was cheating!

Anyway, I simply can't imagine my mom bringing home as luscious a speciman as Ashton and parading him around in front of me as her new husband. On the one hand, I'd be really happy for her. On the other hand, it would be very awkward to have my stepdad be someone I'd want to put on makeup and do my hair for before seeing in the morning.

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C'mon, people. Don't act like it wouldn't happen to you.

Would you have crushed on Ashton if he was married to your mom? Don't lie!

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