Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Fight Back Against Charges Mila Stole a Pet Chicken (VIDEO)

Mila KunisMila Kunis is being threatened with a lawsuit by a woman who claims the new mom stole her pet chicken. Yes, you read that right. A woman who was neighbors with Kunis back in the Ukraine where they grew up says that Kunis was a mean girl who stole her pet chicken, "Doggie," and the trauma was so great that she needed therapy -- which she wants Kunis to pay for. You would think this is the kind of wacky thing that Kunis and possible-husband Ashton Kutcher would ignore, but nope... they had a lot to say about it.


Ashton and Mila took a break from diapering baby Wyatt to fight back on the charges of juvenile chicken stealing, and it's pretty hilarious. And we get to see how the couple act when they're just sitting around, goofing off, and railing about some bizarre lawsuit:

Ha! The pair seem pretty peeved over these allegations of feathered friend filching. And they definitely bring up some good questions that throw some doubt on whether or not this even happened. Mila even proclaims, "I would never steal someone else's chicken."

Hmm. Not sure I believe her. Mila looks like the chicken stealing type to me -- she's got fowl fiend written all over her.

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Nice to see that the possibly-married pair are having some fun with this. You can see that they share the same sense of humor -- which must have gone a long way towards getting them together.

And fyi, Ashton, "real journalists" have better things to do than fact check your wife's chicken charges. Hopefully.

Do you think Mila stole her chicken?

Image via TMZ

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