Everything You Want to Know About Kate Middleton's Second Child

We are only days away from the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's second child, and you can better believe that bets have been placed as to every aspect of this new little royal!


The general consensus seems to be that Kate will be giving birth to a baby girl named Alice, but what else may be in store the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the fourth in line to the throne?

Thanks to brand new laws in England, we know that it doesn't matter any more if Kate gives birth to a son or daughter, this baby will be fourth in line, after grandfather Prince Charles, daddy Prince William, and big brother Prince George.

That aside, the bets have been placed as to virtually every aspect of the new royal baby's birth! It is a rather big deal, after all.

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According to top British betting firm, Ladbrokes, 20,000 bets have been placed on Kate and William's second child being a girl. The top three names, in order, are Alice, Elizabeth, and Diana.

Other bets include that baby girl Alice/Elizabeth/Diana will be born in the morning, born today on April 24, 2015, weigh eight pounds, and have brown hair.

And since we're betting ... there are also odds that Kate will be holding the baby in the first photo, and that she'll be wearing a pink dress. And in case you need even more predictions about this little one's birth, most people believe that Prime Minister David Cameron will be the first leader to congratulate congratulations to the royal couple.

As for thing we do know ... Kate is scheduled to give birth in the Lindo of St. Mary's Hospital -- the same place that Prince George was born almost two years ago. The news will be tweeted by Kensington Palace's official account, and we can be sure that the world will go nuts. How could we not?

What predictions do you have about the new royal baby?


Image via Chris Jackson/Staff/Getty Images

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