Bruce Jenner's Latest Interview Promo Reveals More Than Ever (VIDEO)

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner's long-awaited Diane Sawyer interview in which he's expected to reveal that he's making the transition from male to female airs on Friday. The frustratingly clever folks at ABC have come out with another drip-feeding promo. I have to say, in a world in which mystery is no longer valued, ABC is doing an awesome job of keeping us guessing. In the latest ad, Bruce talks about the "emotional rollercoaster ride" he is on.


We've already heard Bruce say that he doesn't want to hurt his family and that his whole life has prepared him for this -- and we can only surmise that the "this" isn't Bruce lending his name to a fast food franchise -- like maybe Bruce's BBQ or something.

Given that we just saw Bruce in a dress yesterday, I'm sure it's something bigger than that.

I have to say, I'm getting used to Bruce's new face. Not exactly a natural look, but somehow it suits him. And yes, I will start calling him her when and if it seems appropriate. I've got to hear from Bruce himself that he no longer identifies as male.

It's nice to see so many of his kids taking part in the special, including Brody, Brandon and Burt. The Kardashian clan does not seem to be in attendance -- you've got to wonder what happened there. Did he ask them? Did they decline?

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And what about Kendall and Kylie? Will they show up? I think we can safely say Kris will not, considering she is supposedly threatening to sue him.

So much mystery. This is really building up to a major event. I'm totally excited to watch. Bruce, this better not be about a BBQ franchise!

Will you watch?

Image via ABC News

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