Kate Middleton's Hometown May Know Royal Baby's Gender

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The birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's second baby is pretty much going to be a national holiday in the Duchess' hometown of Bucklebury, Berkshire. And, like the rest of the world, the locals there are already preparing for the little prince or princess' arrival. Actually, scratch that. They're preparing for the little princess' arrival. That's right, everyone in Kate's hometown is convinced the Duchess is 100% having a girl


Us Weekly spoke to a few of the locals in Bucklebury, and in addition to expressing extreme excitement over the birth of Kate's second baby, some revealed that they'd be shocked if it were another boy. "There’s absolutely an atmosphere in the village about the birth," local Franca Geppert said, "People are so excited. Everybody in the village is convinced it will be a girl for her."

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It sounds like everyone is pretty much convinced Kate's pregnant with a little girl this go-round. Both she and the rest of the royal family have stuck to the story, like last time, that they "haven't found out the baby's gender," but I'm not buying it. I think they know what they're having -- and, I, too, think it's a girl. 

Although it really doesn't get much cuter than the adorable Prince George, it would be pretty great to see the Duke and Duchess with a little girl. The royal family is filled with boys; it would be a nice change of pace to have one of the heirs to the throne be a little lady. 

Whatever the gender, one thing's for sure: The baby will be cute as hell, and the locals of Bucklebury will be jumping for joy. Along, of course, with the rest of the world. 

Come on, Baby Wales! We're all waiting for you!

What do you think Kate is having?

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