David Letterman's 'Sexist' Joke Wasn't Funny & His Audience Let Him Know It

David LettermanDavid Letterman reportedly stunned his audience into silence recently when he made a joke about ... whores? Letterman, who is known for his salty humor, took it a step too far when he reportedly cracked that ladies should be treated like "whores." Erm, what?!


According to Page Six, an insider who was at the taping said that when asked by a staffer what is some advice he would give to the graduating class of 2015, he said, "Treat a lady like a whore. And a whore like a lady."

The so-called joke is an old one that goes back to the 1930s -- where it should stay. The audience member told Page Six:

I turned to my wife and was, like, 'What?' It was really the first joke of the evening, and it seemed like an odd choice.

When the crack was met with mostly silence, Letterman apparently tried to backtrack by saying his advice would be to "eat salad." Or maybe eat crow like Letterman should.

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Letterman's career goes back aways, and this joke wouldn't have raised eyebrows years ago -- or maybe even a year ago. But people are much more intolerant of sexist and racist talk than they were in the past, even when the talk is made in jest. I guess Letterman didn't get the memo.

Maybe it's a good thing he's retiring.

Do you think this joke is funny?


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