Photo of Bruce Jenner Wearing a Dress Is Leaked

Bruce JennerThe world has been anxiously awaiting a glimpse of Bruce Jenner looking like a woman -- if anything, it would at least confirm all of these major rumors that he's transitioning into the female sex. Well, wait no more, my friends. Paparazzi who staked out Bruce's Malibu mansion were finally able to get the money shot -- Bruce in a dress.


There is little doubt the photo has to be real -- for one, the photo agency, X17, takes credit for it. So unless it wants to destroy its reputation, it wouldn't Photoshop a dress onto Bruce. Also, Bruce called cops on photographers who were perched on a hill opposite his mansion. But, hey, what's a night in jail when these photos are going to make some serious cash.

But let's get to the important bit ... the dress! It is a black-and-white striped maxi dress with double slits up the side. Bruce's hair falls in long waves down his back. From this distance, he looks a little bit like ... Kendall?

People on Twitter were very supportive, calling the dress a good choice. While it's generally thought that horizontal stripes make you look heavier, Bruce actually looks long and lithe in them.

As for the paps staking him out, perhaps Bruce should just have a fashion show, or appear somewhere public in a dress ... then they'd all get their photos and hopefully leave him alone. While it's a shame that the paps have no sense of decency about giving Bruce his privacy, he did choose to be famous.

One person on Twitter said the dress was Kardashian Kollection, but I'm not sure if that's true. I did check out the dress collection on the Sears website, but can you believe it was all out of stock?

If this dress is part of the collection, you can bet it will sell out soon. I think Bruce might soon be the next Kate Middleton in terms of being a fashion influencer. Kim, move over!

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Meanwhile, sources reiterate to TMZ that Kris Jenner had zero idea Bruce wanted to be a woman all throughout their marriage -- these pics will no doubt send an arrow of shock through her heart. I hope Kris is able to eventually come to peace with it all.

Do you think he wears the dress well?

Image via Splash News

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