Kate Middleton's Hospital Suite Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

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Most women probably wouldn't describe the place they gave birth as "luxurious." But Kate Middleton? Kate Middleton can describe the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital as "luxurious" for sure. Details behind the Duchess' private wing at the hospital have just been revealed, and wow! Sounds more like a five-star hotel than a maternity ward. Lucky lady!


Us Weekly spoke with Georgie McGrath, a mom who was fortunate enough to give birth at the Lindo Wing, and from the sound of things, it's totally worth the $9,650 a night. Here's how McGrath described the swank digs:

When you arrive, you get given your own room, the floors are carpeted, [there are] fitted cupboards, a TV screen, your own bathroom, a little fridge, curtains, nice duvets on the bed. A menu comes to you every day, and it’s not your normal run of the mill sort of menu, it’s a good menu, yummy food.

Once you’ve had your baby they will take the baby for the night and go put him in the nursery and you can have a full-on sort of four-course meal, with champagne and candles and everything like that. I don’t think I’d go anywhere else after having [my babies] there. It was a joy, a pleasure. Life was very, very easy.

Sounds pretty good to me! McGrath also explained that the wing was very, very safe. Apparently, there's a security guard outside the door and no one can get in unless they're signed in.

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It can't be very fun to have to face a barrage of reporters and photographers a few days after giving birth (the downside of being a Duchess!). But, it sounds like after a few nights at a place like this, Kate will be as refreshed as she can possibly be!

How great does this place sound?


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