Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Pranked on Red Carpet & Their Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are often the butt of people's jokes, but it isn't every day that they're the butt of people's pranks. However, on Tuesday night, Kim and Kanye were pranked while walking the red carpet for the Time 100 Gala in New York City.


As they pouted and posed for the photographers, comedienne Amy Schumer took a dive right in front of them, falling at their feet. While everyone around Kimye cracked up at Schumer's antic, the power couple, unsurprisingly, barely cracked a smile.

In the clip, you can kind of see Kim smile at the sight of Schumer face-down on the red carpet. But, Kanye? Nothing. Not even the faintest of smirks. That guy, I tell ya.

It looks as if Schumer was trying to bow down to the couple and then "accidentally" fell. It's a pretty random prank, but definitely funny. Way to have a sense of humor, Kanye.

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Here's a better shot of Schumer at the couple's feet:

Despite the fact that Kanye wasn't remotely amused at the joke, I think this is pretty awesome. Pretty much every day we see Kim and Kanye walking the red carpet and doing something fah-bulous. But, it isn't every day we see a grown woman in a gown throwing herself to their precious feet.

Way to go, Amy.

Are you surprised at their reaction?


Image via Jackie Brown/Splash News

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