Scott Disick Over-Shares About His Sex Life With Kourtney Kardashian (VIDEO)

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian

What would an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians be without Scott Disick saying something completely inappropriate, kind of gross, and totally hilarious? This deleted scene of Scott talking to Khloe Kardashian abut his sex life with Kourtney Kardashian didn't make the final cut, but it's pure Scott, and possibly even a little relatable to anyone who's ever been pregnant.


The reality stars were talking about Kourtney's nude maternity photoshoot, and commenting on how she just pranced around naked without even a robe between sets. The woman is fearless, yo.

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Anyway, that led to them talking about what pregnant sex is like, with Scott saying that it's "awkward" to have sex with a heavily pregnant woman, and Khloe asking if Kourt likes a certain position. Take a look and see what Scott has to say about it!

"It's kind of just like a boat that capsizes," Scott answered. "You know, you just tip it over and hope she doesn't fall off the bed. It's bad. It's real bad."

Oh my gosh, thanks for the over-share, Lord Disick!

Seriously though, can't you relate if you've been pregnant? Scott may have been a bit vulgar in describing his baby mama, but it's difficult to find a position that works when you're dealing with a giant belly full of baby. Getting comfortable in general in the third trimester is often hard enough, so figuring out how to move to get some pleasure? It's impossible for some women.

But we're pretty sure no mama-to-be likes being compared to a capsized boat -- no matter how accurate it may be.

What do you think of Scott's comment about pregnant sex?


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