Sherri Shepherd Loses Legal Battle to Get Out of Motherhood

Sherri Shepherd's legal battles over the parentage of her infant son have finally come to an end, with a judge declaring that he is, in fact, her son. The little boy was born last August via a surrogate, and Shepherd has been petitioning to sever her connection to his ever since.


The baby, Lamar Sally Jr., was conceived with Shepherd's ex-husband Lamar Sally Sr.'s sperm and a donor egg. She has claimed that she was tricked into agreeing to the pregnancy when Sally knew that he was about to begin the divorce process, and wanted a means of trapping her into child support payments.

Their divorce has been one of the most acrimonious ones we've seen in quite some time. Shepherd doesn't believe that she should have any responsibility when it comes to the baby, even though the surrogate claimed that she was excited about becoming a mother in the early stages of planning and the pregnancy.

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This whole situation is such a mess, no matter what way you look at it. Either a child was created to be a cash cow, and bring down a woman whom Lamar Sally promised to love and cherish until death departed them, or a mother tried abandon her own child.

Now that the courts have ruled Shepherd is legally Junior's mama, we just hope that she comes to love this kid. Yes, it's tremendously hard to co-parent with difficult ex-spouse, but this little boy can't help how he came into the world. Now that he's here, he deserves to have two parents who love him and look out for him -- even if that can't get along.

As for Lamar, he says he's ecstatic about the ruling, and told TMZ, "I want her to go on television and apologize the same way that she went on there and accused me of being a gold digger and tricking her into having a baby."

We're not holding our breath for that, but we do hope that these two can figure things out in the best interest of the child.

Do you think Sherri Shepherd should be legally responsible for this little boy?


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