Kate Middleton's Second Baby Won't Be Her Last

Forget everything you think you know about Prince William and Kate Middleton's plans for royal baby number three! According to a source who would know, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are apparently not done adding to their gorgeous family after their second child arrives any day now.


Ever since Kate famously suffered from a second bout of terrible morning sickness with this pregnancy, we've basically been assuming she's done after birthing the "spare to the heir." And really, who could blame her? Two beautiful children to dote on would be a blessing!

But Middleton's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, recently let it drop that he doesn't believe Will and Kate are done with the baby-making. He told royal fans not to be disappointed if this child is another boy, because he's sure they'll have a girl down the line. Or at least try for one!

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The wealth recruitment mogul said that Kate's potential daughter will be "equally as beautiful" as her mama, and hinted that they will try for a third baby, at least. "I don't think they'll stop at two so if it isn't a girl this time around, people shouldn't be too disappointed", he revealed.

He added, "I'm sure there'll be a girl in the mix at some point."

Oh my gosh, can you even imagine?? With how sick Kate has gotten in the early stages of her pregnancy, we never really considered that she'd want more than two. But then again, she seems like such an amazing mum, who could blame her for wanting more?

Do you think Kate and William will have more children?


Image via INFphoto.com

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