Robert Pattinson's Plan to Reunite With Kristen Stewart Backfires Miserably

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson has moved on from his relationship with Kristen Stewart and is supposedly engaged to FKA Twigs ... but has he really moved on? According to some gossip reports, sounds like he's done anything but! First, we heard he wants to invite his ex to his wedding (um, seriously?). And now we hear that he asked KStew to meet up with him and Twigs at Coachella ... and she had the perfect answer for that one.


A source told HollywoodLife:

Kristen had no interest in meeting FKA. Rob actually invited Kristen to meet her at Coachella, but Kristen felt it would just be awkward. Coachella was always their thing, and it just didn’t feel right for Kristen. [Kristen] just wanted to go and hang out and enjoy herself and the music without dealing with the drama of seeing Rob with FKA.

I'll be the first one to say there may be nothing to these ridiculous rumors -- but if there is?! Can you say obsessed?! Now, call me cray, but I doubt Rob wanted to meet up with KStew just so he could introduce his fiancee -- nor so KStew could get a load of Rob's awesome dance moves.

It sounds like he's desperate to shove his new relationship in Kristen's face. And you know people only do that when they're still into someone. Sounds like he's trying to make her jealous.

But KStew has moved on with (supposedly) Alicia Cargile ... so, Rob, she may not even be batting for your team anymore, 'kay? I don't think you're her type anymore.

And what must Twiggy think? Personally, if my boyfriend wanted to meet up with his ex so much, I'd be wary. I'd be more than wary. I'd be p.o.'d

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But who knows if any of this is true. For Rob's sake, I hope not. Though Twihards might hope it is ... as this means Rob is jonesing for KStew.

Rob get over it, okay? KStew, it might be time to go "no contact" on Rob. Ignore those text messages, girl!

What is going on here?

Image via Sellebrity RICK / Splash News

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