Bruce Jenner’s New Look Revealed in Diane Sawyer Interview Clip (VIDEO)

Bruce Jenner's sitdown with Diane Sawyer is only days away and the teasers keep on coming. In the latest, we finally get to see Bruce in something besides slo-mo blurs or shadow. And, wow, he does look different!


Sitting on a couch in a navy blue shirt, with his long hair past his shoulders, Bruce appears to have had some work done on his face -- I'd guess either cheek implants or at least facial fillers. His lips also appear plumper than usual. I'd also guess he's had his eyelids done. There are reports he had a nose job.

There are also reports he had breast implants, however, the Sawyer interview was filmed before those rumors started.

It's kind of a surprise seeing Bruce dressed as a man though. When will he reveal his full fierce style?

We also hear Bruce say more than he's said in the other promos. He says about his family:

Those are the only ones I'm concerned with. I can't let myself hurt them.

Reports have said that Bruce feels that only Khloe, Brody and Brandon have really been supportive of his journey to becoming a woman.

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Bruce also says, "It made me who I am," but it's unclear what he's referring to. His family? His medals? KUWTK? Or his transition? Diane Sawyer is doing a very good job of keeping us guessing.

Will you watch? Do you still think he's going to reveal something other than a sex change?

Image via ABC News

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