Bobbi Brown Is 'Awake' 3 Months After Slipping Into Coma (VIDEO)

Bobbi Kristina BrownDid Bobbi Kristina Brown wake up from the coma she has been in since January 31? Some members of the family are claiming so. Father Bobby Brown announced at a concert, "Bobbi is awake. She is watching me," as the crowd roared. And then Bobbi's aunt, Tina, made some astonishing claims on Facebook.


Tina Brown wrote:

[Bobbi] woke up and is no longer on life support!!!!!:):)God is good!!thanks for your prayers,,still a process,but she is going to be ok:):):):)

If this is true, it's the best thing the family could have hoped for -- and pretty much a miracle. However, you have to wonder why, if Bobbi has woken up from her coma, Bobby Brown is somewhere other than the hospital, giving a concert? And is she off life support but still in a vegetative state?

How "awake" is she exactly? These are things we don't know yet, and it's not really our business to know, except that the family is making it our business by saying she's awake.

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Tina, for one, seems convinced she will be okay. But she still has a very long road ahead of her. It remains to be seen if she's ever able to get back the quality of life she once had -- or even close to it.

Let's all hope she does.

Do you think she will recover?

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