Ariana Grande's Father Calls Out Big Sean for Racy Comment On Social Media

Back in the day, horny young guys (and girls!) would brag and run their mouths about their sexual conquests in the privacy of the "locker room." With social media now serving as the world's biggest, most public locker room—one your parents and even grandparents are using—the game has changed a lot. Ariana Grande's boyfriend Big Sean was reminded of this cruel fact in the way every boyfriend on Earth fears after his (possibly?) future father-in-law called him out for a racy comment he made on Instagram.


Big Sean is currently touring the country. He took time out of his busy schedule to post this selfie on Instagram along with an interesting caption:

I give her that D... #Detroit

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Ariana's protective dad, Edward Butera, noticed his "I give her that D" comment and responded in a way every father will understand:

Ha! Yay, dad—perfect comeback.

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Given how smitten Big Sean is with Ariana, I highly doubt he meant that he gives her his "D," but that doesn't mean he didn't anticipate others might get that idea. It was just a silly thing to write, especially when you know your girlfriend's dad is following you on Instagram. It sucks to have to censor yourself, but that's kind of the deal when you're a public figure.

Can you imagine poor Ariana's reaction when she found out about this? Daaaad, he didn't mean it like that!

Uh huh. Maybe so, but I'm with Butera on this one.

What do you think about Ariana's father's reaction to Big Sean's post?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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