Kylie Jenner's New Hair Color Is Her Girliest Look Yet (PHOTO)

Kylie Jenner is your typical 17-year-old hair chameleon with an atypical hair budget. She loves to experiment with her look and isn't afraid to try any color—it's also scientifically proven that she's the only person on the planet who looked good with green hair. Somehow, while at Coachella, she managed to find time (in between dressing Jaden Smith and posing in skimpy bikinis) to give her hair another radical color makeover—and this is, by far, her most feminine look yet.


We're pretty sure the natural dark brunette kicked off the music festival with what had to be a super-long blue-green wig. It was dazzling. It was kinda punk. It was interesting.

Then she posed in photos that showed she was back to her dark, shoulder-length roots.

But not for long.

Here's Kylie's latest pink dream-girl hairstyle, and it's one we totally dig:

I l😍ve pretty girls

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Here she is from another angle and, although she's wearing a baseball cap in both photos and making it impossible for us to really get a good look at her style, her color certainly looks unique:


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I'm going to call WIG on this one. As much of a beauty risk-taker as she is, I can't imagine Kylie would suddenly agree to bleach her head and apply this pink-blonde tone while on vacation. Maybe she packed a slew of hair pieces and extensions in her suitcase?

If it is a wig, it's a damn lovely one that features various pink and light blonde tones. It's certainly more dimensional than any of the $10 wigs I've worn on Halloween.

She's young, she's having fun, and she looks fantastic in color. All hail, Kylie Jenner, hair queen!

What do you think about Kylie's pink hair?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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