Prince George Received an Insane 774 Gifts Last Year

Think your baby has too many toys for his own good? Imagine how you'd feel if you were Kate Middleton and your toddler managed to rack up an impressive 774 gifts last year alone—at this rate, how will she ever keep Prince George from being spoiled rotten?


The Duchess of Cambridge, who is set to give birth to the royal couple’s second child any minute now, seems to be interested in raising her children in as normal a fashion as possible, which basically means she’ll try really hard to ensure they aren't completely pampered and treated like royalty (an impossible feat, don’t you think)?

But every other person on the planet is making that impossible because, wherever she goes with George, the two are greeted by fans who lavish her not-yet-2-year-old with expensive treats.

The future king's 774 gifts include a rocking horse, courtesy of Barack and Michelle Obama, a Bespoke tricycle from the Mayor of London, tons of teddy bears, and a wardrobe of designer clothes that include items like $100 rompers.

Little George is also a jet-setting tyke who travels to exclusive island resorts and cruises around in a $2,300 stroller with what we're betting boasts the most effective insect net ever invented.

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We know the royal family live in a freaking palace, so there’s certainly room for all of George's many toys, but how do you suppose Kate handles giving them to her little boy? A child who is showered with gifts can quickly become desensitized to it all and even bust out an old-fashioned tantrum because of it.

Maybe she stores a few teddy bears away? Gives them to charity? Is saving a few hundred of them for George's baby sister or brother?

What do you think Kate does with all of George's toys? Will it be possible for him to grow up and not be spoiled?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images


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