Kendall Jenner Finally Talks About Her Dad's Transition -- Sort Of

Kendall JennerYou've got to feel for Kendall Jenner right now. The model is getting more attention than ever -- and not necessarily for the right things. While Kendall is beginning to overtake Kim as the "It" girl of the Karsashian/Jenner clan, she's got to deal with the public prying into a very sensitive area -- her dad Bruce's reported transition into a woman. That doesn't mean she wants to talk about it, though, as a writer from GQ learned.


Kendall, who posed topless for the guy's magazine, was asked if she ever gets upset about the coverage regarding her father, and she snapped:

That's not about me ... That is not for me to answer. That's why this life is different. That's why this life isn't normal.

I'm guessing she means that being asked about her dad's transition isn't "normal," not that his sex change isn't normal! Well, you have to feel for her. I can't imagine having to deal with such a sensitive and private issue in the public eye -- even having jokes made about it in front of her and Kylie. I mean, it's all anyone can talk about right now. Hello, the girl does have an Estee Lauder contract!

Plus, it's not like Kendall brought this on herself, she has nothing to do with her dad's decision.

Another thing -- for those of you still thinking this is all some kind of prank, I think Kendall's refusal to say anything speaks volumes. I mean, if it wasn't true, wouldn't she just say so?

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Yes, the Kardashians and Jenners chose their fame -- but Kendall and Kylie were really too young to choose it. Now they're in it, and it means getting questions like this. But it's gotta be tough. Luckily, Kendall seems like she's on her way to her own career. Soon people will talk about whatever she's doing -- plus, people have very short memories. Next year, it will be Bruce who? Oh, hi, Belinda!


Image via KendallJenner/Instagram

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