Michael Bublé Shares Photo of Woman's Butt With The World (Wait, What?!)

When we hear the name Michael Bublé, a lot of us think: hot, sexy, cool guy who can sing really well and has class. And that description might still fit the crooner, but a crazy weird photo he recently posted to Instagram, in which he captures a woman wearing booty shorts while standing in front of him on line at a store, seems to have been snapped without her consent and is making people question whether Bublé is body shaming the stranger.


It looks like Bublé was at a restaurant or coffee shop when his wife, Luisana Lopilato, took a quick photo of him standing in front of a girl wearing very short-shorts. He then explained in his Instagram post why he felt the need to share it:

Perhaps both he and his wife admired this woman for her beauty and well-shaped derriere. How very cool of them as a couple to be able to share this appreciation for another person and have a laugh about it.

Know what isn't cool? Photographing a person without them knowing and posting their photo on your Instagram, where you have thousands of followers. I'm not going to say the woman is being "body shamed," because you could argue this is opposite of "shaming" someone. Though I cringe a but at his #babygotback hash tag, I guess you could say he and his wife have sort of placed this woman on a pedestal for her looks.

But that isn't the point. Just because we aren't breaking a law by taking a picture of someone and posting it on social media doesn't mean it isn't rude and wrong.

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I know someone (a woman) who thinks it's pretty funny to take photos of unsuspecting women in Manhattan who are wearing what she considers to be fashion fails. She then posts these photos to social media and comments on their clothing. These women don't deserve to be the butt of someone's jokes and it's cowardly to take their photos without their knowledge.

In Bublé 's case, I'm disappointed in the singer for disrespecting this woman by posting this photo without her consent. He should have known better.

What do you think about Michael Bublé's photo?


Images via Michaelbuble/Instagram

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