Kourtney & Kris Kardashian Have a Secret Meeting With Bruce About His Transition

Bruce JennerThings sound tough for Bruce Jenner these days. Not only is he reportedly have lots of surgery to complete his transition to a woman, but his family is supposedly falling apart from the weight of this enormous change. One person who feels left out of the process is Kris Jenner, who apparently wants to make sure that Bruce transitions to a "classy lady." And the onus of keeping Bruce and Kris from declaring war has fallen on Kourtney.


Kris and Kourt were photographed pulling up to Bruce's Malibu bachelor pad, and RadarOnline reports that Kris has wanted to talk to Bruce for awhile about his transition. She reportedly wants to be involved so that whatever he does next doesn't destroy the empire they've worked so hard to build. Did I really just say "empire"?

Says a source:

Bruce and Kris knowingly put this whole entire thing into place because that is what they wanted when they were together. Now that that the family is clearly being torn apart, Kris just wants to work with him and try to put the pieces back together.

Hm, that's a bit like closing the barn door after all the horses have run out, but whatever, Kris.

The source says that Kourtney along as mediator since "she is the only one that Bruce will listen to out of the three Kardashian girls." Well, I can see why he'd avoid any advice from Kim, but why not Khloe?

Kris's main concern seems to be that Bruce transition into someone "classy":

Kris thinks that she can help Bruce become the classy woman that he is looking to become because she sees herself as the epitome of class.

Sorry, I just spit water all over my computer. Should not have been drinking while writing that.

I mean, when you think "class," you think Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren ... and Kris Jenner, amiright?

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Seems like Kris should probably butt out and let Bruce become whichever type of woman he is already feels he is -- ain't none of her business.

Should they just leave Bruce alone?

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