Kate Middleton's Stroller Is Outfitted With a Special Feature to Protect Her Royal Babies

kate middleton

Wanna guess the one thing Kate Middleton has no time for? No, not Camilla Parker-Bowles -- Insects. Particularly when they bizzing and buzzing their way towards her son, Prince George. It was recently revealed that the Duchess had one request for her stroller when her first child was born: A net that would protect him from bugs. Hey, we've all got our things, right?


When Prince George was born in 2013, the Duchess followed royal tradition by carting him around in a Silver Cross pram. Apparently the brand has a long history with the royal family -- even Prince Charles was in one when he was a baby. However, the Duchess wanted some modifications to her stroller, including an insect net, which has now become standard with all Silver Cross prams.

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I'm not sure having an insect net to protect their kids from bugs is high on all moms priority lists, but hey, clearly it was an issue with Kate. And, naturally, when Kate does something, other mamas want to follow.

I wonder if the insect net was one of those things Kate thought she needed as a mom, but really never used. You know the kind of things I'm talking about -- the wipes warmer; the random changing pad; the pad to kneel on when your giving your baby a bath. If so, it's highly unlikely that she'll use it with baby number two.

Though everyone else will be since they now come standard. Thanks, Kate!

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Image via Neil Warner/Splash News

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