Josh Duggar Gives Little Brother Josiah Advice About Women

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Now that Josiah Duggar is officially courting Marjorie Jackson, he has plenty of older siblings to look up to for advice. Older brother Josh and sisters Jill and Jessa have all courted and eventually married their significant others. And Josh, the first Duggar to do so, is shelling out some advice to his little brother.


In Josiah and Marjorie's first official courtship announcement video, Josh makes a brief cameo and schools his little brother on what it means to court (and not date).

"There's dating, there's courting, there's some people that have all these other words for it," says Josh. And following his brother's advice, Josiah knows exactly what it means.

"I would say not recreational dating for fun, but actually having a purpose, like purposeful dating [and] having a reason behind what we're doing," he told his big brother. And Josiah's reason? "Marjorie," he says!

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But as positive and fresh as this relationship may be, they're bound to experience their fair share of struggles and decisions, Josh reminds him.

"You've got to watch a lot of us going through different relationships, all different walks of life, but you're able to find the common things that you can set together and maybe saying, 'Hey, we're going to draw our line here," the husband and father-of-three says. "Some people say they'll draw it over there. For Anna and I, we had a thousand miles between us. It made things a little easier."

Josiah and Marjorie, however, are just 10 miles apart, so the chaperones will be on constant call, it seems.

Finally, like the good-natured jokester that he is, Josh had to quickly remind his brother to find his own path. "I think each person has a different structure," he says. "Obviously, I had my good looks and all that on my side. Not sure what you have..."

Har har, Josh! Way to bring the guy up. Kidding, kidding.

Obviously, the teen has many siblings willing to share their perspective and experiences, so when it comes to relationship counseling, Josiah and Marjorie have plenty of experts ready to help.

What do you think about Josh's advice on courting?


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