Robert Pattinson's 'Too Quick' Engagement Is Really Worrying Kristen Stewart

Robert PattinsonPoor Kristen Stewart. Not only does she have to watch as ex-vampire-boyfriend Robert Pattinson (supposedly) get engaged to girlfriend FKA Twigs, but (supposedly) now she sits around worried about him! According to the tabs, KStew is gnawing on her fingers wondering if Rob is moving too fast with the British singer.


A source told Life & Style:

She was hurt at first, but now she’s just worried that Rob and FKA are moving too fast.

Indeed it has been rather lickety-split. The pair have only known each other for about six months. But I guess when you know, you know. Rumor has it that KStew is leaning on her "good friend" Alicia Cargile for support. Which, if they are more than friends, would be rather strange.

Speaking of strange, remember how Rob supposedly wanted to invite KStew to his wedding? Well, apparently he ran that idea by FKA, and she was F-OK with it! A source says:

She’s not against the idea of inviting Kristen. She just thinks it’s a little strange he would want her there for their special day after she hurt him so badly.

Strange? Yeah, that would be the word! Anyone expecting these four to just, I dunno, move in together already?

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As for KStew, whether or not Rob and Twigs are moving fast (they are! they are!), it isn't any of her concern. She needs to let RPattz and FTwigs learn their own lessons and possibly make their own mistakes. Just like she did!

Do you think KStew actually sits around worried about Rob?

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