Rob Kardashian Prepared to Go to Extreme Lengths to Get Back at Family

rob kardashianIs Rob Kardashian about to get his ultimate revenge on his entire family? We all know that Rob hasn't been doing too well, not only has he gained a ton of weight, but he's reportedly had depression and addiction issues. Now he'd just like his family to shut up about him on KUWTK. But that didn't happen. So a source says that Rob is planning to hit them where it really hurts -- their pocketbooks.


A source told OK! magazine:

Even after he’s refused to appear on the show -- and been cut out of his family’s $100 million extension deal -- his life is used as a story line. He wants to find a ironclad way to stop them from even mentioning his name on the show, let alone discussing his mental health.

Supposedly, Rob is ready to sue his family for earnings from the show -- the one he won't appear on, but that is using his troubles as an important story line. One gossip site claims that Rob wants to sue for $50 million. Hmm. Good luck, Rob.

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Well, I doubt Rob will stand much of a chance here, so far as I know, you're allowed to talk about other people on TV so long as what you're saying isn't false and defamatory -- but it would be nice if his family just listened to his wishes and didn't talk about him. Isn't there enough stuff going on that they don't need Rob as a plot point? Considering he was so young when the show started, he has a right to grow out of it and not want to be a part of it in any way anymore.

But if one thing gets Kris Jenner's attention, it would be a lawsuit. How sad that he can't just have a mom-to-son chat with her like most people could.

Should he sue?

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