Bruce Jenner Is Reportedly Quite Happy with His New Breast Implants

We've already heard that Bruce Jenner supposedly underwent breast enhancement surgery, but we've been in the dark about the results. Does he like them? Well, have no fear, RadarOnline claims to know the answer to that one, and the answer is a resounding, "I love my boobies!" Okay, maybe he didn't say that (why not? I would), but apparently he is quite happy with his new girls.


A source told RadarOnline that Bruce has had to wear a bulky support bra while the swelling goes down on his new breasts, but now he is recovering nicely and he is "thrilled" with the results:

Bruce is looking forward to no longer wearing the bulky bra, and is excited to shopping for lingerie ... He has been emotional, but finally feels like this is the body he has meant to have.

Previously, we read that Bruce opted for a somewhat smaller bra size so he could continue with his strenuous physical activities -- Bruce is quite the sportsperson (I am already getting uncertain about saying "sportsman").

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We also read that of all the clan, he is most trying to have a body like Khloe, as she is more natural as well as taller than the rest of the sisters.

Well, Bruce may be looking forward to buying lingerie, but one thing he will definitely have to invest in is a good sports bra. Good luck, Bruce!


Image via Pedro Andrade, PacificCoastNews


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