Could Kate Middleton's Extra Long Maternity Leave Really Be About Plastic Surgery?

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After Kate Middleton gives birth to her second baby, what do you think the first thing she's going to do? Cuddle her baby? Give him or her a kiss? Have a glass of wine!? Nope. According to some particularly tawdry websites, the Duchess is going to get a tummy tuck! Thoughts?


Celebrity Dirty Laundry is speculating that since Kate is reportedly taking a longer maternity leave this time around, she may be getting a tummy tuck and needs time to heal. Since it's a "popular choice with celebrities who want to bounce back," the site reports, it wouldn't be totally out of the question for Kate.

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Anything is possible, but I kind of doubt the Duchess will be going under the knife to get her trim physique back. Heck, despite being 9 months pregnant, she still has a trim physique! It won't take much for her to get back into peak physical condition. She's incredibly active to begin with -- a few jogs around the block and she'll be ready for a bikini.

Of course, even though it's highly unlikely that the Duchess will be getting a tummy tuck, does she really need this gossip right now? The poor woman is about to give birth any day -- I'm sure the last thing she wants to deal with is salacious gossip (even if she probably doesn't read it).

Good luck with your upcoming birth, Kate! Hope all goes as smooth as possible. And take as much time off as you want to be with your sweet babe -- who cares if people think you're doing something else!

Do you think the Duchess is getting a tummy tuck?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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