Sofia Vergara's Ex Nick Loeb Still Wants to Have Her Baby

sofia vergara nick loebBefore the hilarious and beautiful Sofia Vergara got together with Joe Manganiello, she was engaged to Nick Loeb, who is quite the businessman. And it's his business-y ways that's causing quite a rift between the two exes. Loeb is reportedly suing Vergara to stop her from destroying the fertilized eggs just waiting to become babies. Apparently they were going to have kids by in vitro fertilization and so they did the necessary steps to make that happen. Then they broke up. But he still wants kids with her.


This is a twisted story. And feels a bit Gone Gone-esque. Is Loeb trying to trap her? Win her back? Make her re-think this whole "I'm getting married to Joe Manganiello thing?"

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Nick says that he and Sofia had a contract that they both signed noting that neither one of them could destroy the eggs. Being a savvy businessman, I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. Was there nothing in this contract saying what to do in the event if the couple was no longer together?! Surely the IVF process couldn't move forward without both their signatures. Does this mean that Nick thinks there is some chance that he and Sofia will reunite? Or that she will reconsider having a baby with him? That's doubtful especially since there is another bombshell involved here. A huge bombshell! Loeb is saying that Vergara was physically abusive to him and he reported that she punched him in the face not once but twice, kicked him, and threw a phone at his head. Yikes. Now I feel I know a little more than I wanted to know. 

I can't help but feel bad here. Nick and Sofia were engaged. They were in love. They talked about having a family together someday and went to great lengths to make that happen. But it didn't work out. Things happened and their relationship ended. It's often very hard to move on, but move on they must. And this includes Nick. I hope they sort this out as amicably as possible. Surely there are a lot of emotions involved. And fertilized eggs that need to be addressed. And I thought child custody was tricky.

What do you think of Nick's claims of abuse? Why do you think he wants to stop her from destroying the fertilized eggs?


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