Bruce Jenner Lonely As He Distances Himself from 'Unsupportive' Family (VIDEO)

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner is close to making his final transition into a woman, at least that's the story in the press, so he should be happier than ever. But it's possible that while his life finally comes together, his life with his family is falling apart. US Weekly reports that he is distancing himself from his ex-wife, Kris, and his kids because none of them, barring Khloe and his sons Brandon and Brody, have been very supportive of his decision.


A source told US Weekly:

The Kardashians were not on board with his [male-to-female] transition. Bruce feels like Kris and her girls only support him publicly to make themselves look good.

In fact, a source says that Brandon sat down with Diane Sawyer and will appear with him on the upcoming special that is, supposedly, dealing with his transition. It's actually hard to tell because the promos are so damn vague! For all we know, Bruce is opening a soup kitchen. Check it out the latest one:


Erm, yeah, that could be anything. But I guess we'll all tune in to find out what he's talking about anyway!

But back to the Kardashians, it's not hard to deduce who isn't being supportive -- if Khloe is, and the "Kardashian girls" are not, that only leaves Kim and Kourtney. It's unclear how Kendall and Kylie feel, but the source says they did not film any segments for the special.

Well, that's kind of sad, but Bruce would do well to remember that he has had years, even decades, of mulling this over in his mind and coming to terms with his decision. The girls only found out about this recently. You can't expect everyone to get on board with everything you do right away. They may need time to process, which is perfectly acceptable.

His children, especially Kendall and Kylie, must have a range of emotions they need to tackle in their own way, and they've already had to deal with jokes about their dad made right in front of them in very public venues. That can't be easy.

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Hopefully once Bruce begins to live the life he has reportedly always wanted to live, the girls will come around and everyone will find their way back to being a family.

Will you watch the special?

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