Kylie Jenner Confesses Who Her 'Real' Mom Is

Kylie Kardashian has revealed who is the real mother to her -- and apparently it's not Kris. Kylie supposedly told Grazia that while she is closest to Kendall in terms of her sister's, it's actually someone else in the family who is her "real" mother and it's not Kim, nor is it her pet pig (does she have one? I dunno). It's Khloe!


Kylie reportedly told Grazia magazine:

I'm closest to Kendall, I spent every second with her growing up. After that it's probably Khloe. Khloe is more of a mom to me than my mum is sometimes. My mum is all about being best friends.

Okay, never mind the fact that I doubt Kylie used the term "mum" (get it together, British tabloids!), this is kind of shocking, no? I mean, no. Maybe it's not. But it should be.

First off, a child needs her mother, her REAL mother. Secondly, that's kind of a lot to put on a sibling, making her the mother figure. Of course, Khloe does have a very distinct maternal side to her, so this isn't so surprising, she mothers everyone in the family, especially Rob.

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But a parent needs to parent, not be a best friend -- or momager! This reminds me of that scene in Mean Girls:

Erm, yeah, is it any wonder Kylie seems so lost sometimes? Hey, I'm not saying Kris did a bad job raising her kids, none of them are in prison. I'm just saying, a mom needs to be a mom, not a pal!

Do you think Kris needs to be more of a mom?

Image via kylie jenner/Instagram

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