Kate Middleton's Family Will Be Snubbed as Godparents for 2nd Baby

Oh man, fresh off of hearing that Pippa Middleton might not be Royal Nanny material, the poor girl is getting some more bad news. Kate Middleton's sister won't be considered for Godmother of Prince George's little brother or sister.


Some people are speculating that the reason Pippa isn't being considered as a Godparent for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second child is because Queen Elizabeth flat-out can't stand her. 

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry (who quotes the National Enquirer, just so you know where this is coming from), the "image-conscious Queen" believes that Pippa is "unsuitable" as a Godmother for the fourth in line for the crown. According to the same source, Queen Elizabeth would prefer that the honor go to her son Prince Andrew, and his 24-year-old daughter Princess Beatrice.

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That is an awful lot of gossip when the truth may be so much simpler than that. According to Victoria Murphy, the royal correspondent for The Daily Mirror and ABC News, "Tradition for godparents is not to choose members of the family, certainly not the immediate family."

That means Pippa is out, regardless of how the Queen feels about her. Another expert on royal family traditions, Robert Jobson of The Evening Standard, stated, "There's a feeling that because of their role as members of the royal family that they need as many confidants as they can get apart from their parents."

Does that make sense or what? Godparents are supposed to be there as a sounding board and someone to get life advice from other than your own parents. Pippa isn't a royal, but as Kate's sister, she may be just too close to the source.

Then again, Will and Kate have been known to buck tradition. After all, Prince George has seven Godparents instead of the traditional six for royal babes. Pippa may make the cut after all.

Ms. Murphy did have one word of advice for the couple when it comes to choosing the Godparents for their second child. She said, "When they pick people to be godparents, they're putting them into the spotlight and some of their friends really don’t want that be in the spotlight, so it will definitely be someone who is kind of willing to take that on."

It will take a strong role indeed when it comes to taking that on.

Do you think Kate Middleton should make Pippa a Godparent for her second child?


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