Dennis Quaid Loses His Cool Big-Time on Movie Set & It's Caught on Film (VIDEO)

Dennis QuaidThe Internet is in a tizzy trying to decide if a leaked clip of Dennis Quaid going ape crap on a movie set is legit or some kind hoax. Quaid appears to be being filmed by cell phone camera as he goes off on  someone on a movie set (shades of Christian Bale, whose meltdown was real). Quaid drops every four letter word in the book as he lights into the unfortunate person who who apparently wasn't paying sufficient attention to his "pro" acting.


Quaid, who is currently filming a movie called Truth about journalist Dan Rather, may have beenon that movie set, but it's unclear. Is it real or is it another Jimmy Kimmel-esque hoax? Check it out and decide for yourself. Video is NSFW:

Well, if it's real, this makes Quaid a jerk along the lines of Bale and director David O. Russell, whose expletive-laced tirade at Lily Tomlin also hit the web. But I'm thinking someone, somewhere is being very savvy about how to promote a movie. No longer do ads do the trick -- you must have some kind of social media sensation. And this has already gotten FAR more press than anything else Dennis Quaid could have done -- short of dying or reuniting with former wife Meg Ryan.

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But how sad that acting like a complete moron is what gets everyone's attention -- and that Quaid will no doubt be slapped on the back and praised for it if he comes out and says it was all a joke. (Meanwhile women like Katherine Heigl continue to have to defend their reputations years after whispers of being "difficult.")

Given the notoriously oddball behavior of his brother, Randy, it could just be in the DNA.


Do you think this is real?


Image via Suntzulynn for LE / Splash News

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