9 Things You Should Know About Josiah Duggar's Girlfriend

josiah duggar courting marjorie jackson

As the eighth child (and fourth boy) born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Josiah "Si" Duggar is one of the more active and accomplished kids in the 19 Kids and Counting family. He's 18 years old, finished his schooling, and works in his father's construction business. And now, he's taken the next big step in life: Josiah Duggar has started courting another 17-year-old Arkansas native. So by now you're probably asking yourself: Who is Marjorie Jackson?


It's not a courtship anyone -- even the other Duggar kids -- was expecting. Last year, when the kids were asked which Duggar would be the next to begin courting, John David, Jana, Jinger, and Joseph were the biggest prospects. But it looks like Josiah beat them all to the punch.

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So who exactly is this mystery woman? She shares a ton in common with the famous reality family and comes from a similar background. Take a look at everything we know about future Mrs. Josiah Duggar Marjorie Jackson:

  1. She's 17 years old, making her one year younger than Josiah. 
  2. She's the oldest of five girls born to Analucia, a Spanish tutor and Greg Jackson, a graphic design director. Her sisters are 15, 8, 5, and 2 years old.
  3. She's working on finishing her high school degree, but has also begun to take college-level graphic design clases (much like her dad!).
  4. She speaks both English and Spanish (her mother is Guatemalan and is fluent in Spanish).

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  5. Like the Duggar kids, she's home-schooled by her parents.
  6. She first met Josiah (and the Duggar family) when Josiah began taking Spanish lessons from her mom, Analucia.
  7. But he didn't really take notice of her until the two went on a mission trip to El Salvador in December of 2014.
  8. She's a pianist, actress, and author. When she was 16, she published a study guide for other Christians titled The Greatest Book You've Never Read: Why the Bible Is Not Only Exciting, But It Will Change Your Life!. You can even buy it on Amazon
  9. She's also a professional motivational speaker. At an event in which Michelle Duggar was a main speaker, Marjorie was a session speaker and spoke to attendees about Christianity and missionary work.

Do you think Josiah and Marjorie are a good match?



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