Robert Pattinson ‘Obsessed’ with FKA Twigs at Coachella (PHOTOS)

Robert pattinsonThe big music festival Coachella is going on in Indio, California, and that means one thing -- Robert Pattinson will be there! I mean, c'mon, would there be a Coachella without RPattz? Can you even have one with the other? Methinks not. Remember how one year RPattz and KStew went, and it was after she was caught cheating with Rupert? And then the next year he went with Katy Perry? Well, who'd he bring this year? Duh! None other than his fiancee, FKA Twigs.


Twiggy and Patty hit up the festival together and witnesses say they were showing some major PDA -- in fact, one bystander says that Rob seems "obsessed" with Twigs. Ouch. I don't care if KStew has totally moved on, it's gotta hurt. I hope she's not reading this.

The pair were also spotted clutching hands -- but no sign of what is supposed to be an enormous engagement ring on FKA's finger. Maybe she left it home. I know I would, what with all those dirty hippies around. Joke, people, joke!

The pair also met up with Rob's pal, Katy Perry, which probably proves once and for all that Katy and Rob were always just friends ... but you never know, plenty of people introduce their new partners to their old ones. If those two ever did hook up, it doesn't seem like it was serious. Still, could this have been awkward for Twigs?

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Rob was photographed sweetly clutching Twigs' hand, and a witness says that he was "cradling" her and being very protective of her. The source also says Rob can't dance. Ouch again.

Do you think these two are way more in love than KStew and Rob ever were?


Image via © PacificCoastNews

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