Kanye West Should Go Jump in a Lake -- Oh Wait, He Did (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianNo matter how you feel about Kanye West, you have to admit the man knows how to put on a show. And put on a (free!) show he did while visiting Armenia with Kim, North, and Khloe. Kanye decided spur of the moment to put on a concert on the banks of Swan Lake, and you won't believe what he decided to do in the middle of it ... and it got the entire concert shut down!


Kanye, who is in the capital of Yereven with his family, suddenly woke Kim up one night and said he was going to put on a concert. That's according to Kim's Twitter feed, so we know it really happened. Can you imagine being Kim? Getting woken up in the middle of the night by your hyper hubby wanting to put on a show? Dang, I'd divorce him so fast.

Anyway, Kanye being Kanye, in the middle of the show, he decided to jump into Swan Lake. That's when everyone decided to follow him. And chaos ensued. Check it out:

Police had to rescue Yeezy from the masses and subsequently shut down the entire concert. Oh, Kanye. Can you never just be chill?

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I'm sure the fans loved it though. That Kanye, always making a splash!


Image via SkyFall /London Entertainment


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