Kim Kardashian's Meeting With Elderly Fan Will Change Your Opinion of Her (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian certainly has some unexpected fans -- how about an elderly woman who waited 12 hours on her cane to see her idol? That was the scene in Armenia as Kim cozied up to her oldest fan, a white-haired old woman who looked sincerely thrilled to meet the selfie queen.


Kim, who was dressed almost classy in a white turtleneck and slacks (I say "almost" since Kim's shirt was so tight and sheer that her nipples garnered as much attention as she did) greeted the huge crowd that came out to welcome her and Khloe to their ancestral home.

Who knew KUWTK was so popular in Armenia?

And who knew that someone as old as this woman appears to be would care anything about Kim Kardashian, or even know who she is? But okay, unless she was planted there by Kim's publicity team, the old lady did indeed know Kim and cared about her enough to supposedly wait for 12 hours to see her. There is no one on the planet I would wait for 12 hours to see.

Is it possible this woman just witnessed all the commotion and thought Kim was someone else -- like maybe Miley Cyrus? (That's a joke!) Maybe she thought Kim, dressed all in white, was the Virgin Mary.

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It's nice that Kim was amenable to spending some time with the woman. From the pictures it looks like they are having a grand old time.

Kind of makes you think better of Kim when you see that she was willing to take time out of her selfie taking to hold a sweet old lady's hand and give her the apparent thrill of her life. Now she can die happy. (Kim, I mean!)


Image via  Brian Prahl / Splash News

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