Pippa Middleton Accused of 'Using' Prince George for Fame

Kate Middleton's due date for baby number two is just days away, but it looks like Prince George's little brother or sister won't be the only one joining the royal household. According to OK! Magazine, Kate's sister Pippa Middleton will be moving in to help out with her newest little niece or nephew.


Not that there is any shortage of royal child-minders (isn't that so much more posh than "nanny" or "babysitter"?) available to pitch in, but Duchess Catherine has famously eschewed an excess of hired help. Kate prefers to rely on her family as much as possible, especially her mom, Carole Middleton.

According to the gossip mag, "Suddenly beset by maternal urges, Pippa Middleton told Kate that she would love to live with her and Will if allowed, so she can spend more time with the new baby and her nephew. Kate loves having her there and knows that it will be a help to have her entertain baby George. Pippa takes her aunt role very seriously!"

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Some people are wary that this is just Pippa's latest fame-hungry attempt to build her brand as "Kate Middleton's Sister," and there are reports that both Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth are furious over the move. They apparently can't stand the Middletons' commoner ways, and don't want it to rub off on George and his baby sibling.

OK, let's just take that with a giant grain of salt. If Queen Elizabeth really hated Kate Middleton and her family, she never would've agreed to the marriage in the first place, a necessary hurdle for those in the royal family.

We don't even know for sure if Pippa is really going to move in a help out, or if it's a purely a fabricated rumor. But we hope that no matter what, she loves Prince George and his unborn sibling simply because she's their aunt, not because they're royalty.

Do you think Pippa is using her nephew because she's fame-hungry?


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