Madonna's Kiss With Drake Is All Anybody Is Talking About Today -- Who's Laughing Now? (VIDEO)

MadonnaOh, that Madonna. You've got to hand it to her. Despite dozens of celebrities half her age prancing on the stage at Coachella and the MTV Music Awards show, the 56-year-old managed to steal the show -- again! On stage at Coachella with singer Drake, the feisty entertainer got Drake into a partial headlock and gave him some lip loving that he'll never forget -- nor will anyone forget Drake's horrified reaction.


At first, Drake seems like he's on board with this perhaps unexpected kiss -- but things get scary fast. Something starts happening and Drake begins to paw at Madonna like a man just beginning to realize he's drowning. Then catch his reaction when she's done with him:

Erm, yeah, so that didn't go too well. Drake looked like he was about to vomit.

Reaction on Twitter was equally as horrified, but also hilarious -- and cruel. If Madonna had done this at 25, no one would be disgusted. But at 56, and with Drake being 28, the grandma jokes were relentless. People suggested maybe her dentures had fallen into his mouth. Others said she was sucking the youth out of him. You have to wonder if it would have been this cruel if Mick Jagger had planted one on Rihanna.

If the kiss was planned, then Drake's reaction was totally disrespectful. And given that his head was back when she first approached him, it does seem it was expected.

But was ALL of it expected? It's one thing to choreograph a kiss -- another thing to unexpectedly tongue massage your partner's tonsils, which is what Drake's reaction seems to infer happened. If a guy had done that, wow, he'd be in major trouble.

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On the other hand, you've got to admire Madonna in some ways. She just absolutely refuses to be what people want her to be. She's going to go down fighting. Notice how she takes Drake's hand and takes control. As one commenter on YouTube put it:

Like it or not, call her old or not, you're still talking about her and ranting and going crazy and it just goes to show Madonna is still in charge of the media and age does not matter.

The world wants her to retire to her bedroom with her cane in hand, and she just won't. My guess is she'll be trying to tongue young hotties when she's 80.

Word to the wise, keep your lips away from Madonna if you're not in for a big surprise. I hope she didn't have a cold.

At the end of the day, what Madonna did was more than a kiss -- it was a rallying cry, and not just of desperation for publicity. It was a cry of, I'm still here and I'm still in charge!

What's your reaction?

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