Kim Kardashian Carries Cardboard Cutout Of Rob Kardashian That's Just … Weird

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and family are touring her ancestral land of Armenia and she didn't forget to bring anything -- not her nipple-hugging white turtleneck, not her baby, North, and not her cardboard head cutout of brother Rob! Because one must always travel with a cardboard cutout of one's sibling when one travels, amiright? In a bizarre turn to the Kim/Rob saga, Kim traipsed around Armenia holding a cutout of disembodied Rob's head. And the world went WTF?


No one quite knows why Kim, whom Rob recently compared to the psycho murder character of Amy Dunne in Gone Girl, was carrying Rob's head around, but perhaps it was an inside joke between the two of them. Maybe she offered to "take" him to Armenia -- cardboard cutout style. Maybe a "well-meaning" fan handed her the cutout for some bizarre reason. Perhaps she found it in some wacky tourist shop and thought it was funny.

Maybe these two are just totally cray cray.

Maybe Kim is still so mad about Rob calling her a "psychotic bitch" that she decided to get revenge by holding up Rob's head for the paparazzi? People, I just don't know. It's one of those things you could ask Why? Why? Why? forever and never get an answer. Just an eternal riddle that will drive you to insanity.

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Well, we know these two are definitely not on the best of terms, so perhaps it was some message Kim was sending to the world, like, Rob, off with your head!

Okay, I'm giving up now. My brain is about to explode. I have no idea what these two are up to. Watch Rob's Instagram account for his revenge.

Why do you think she was carrying this?

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