My Night Stalking Celebs on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet -- Oh, Is That Katy Perry? (PHOTOS)

Have you ever wondered about what it's like to work the Red Carpet at a star-studded awards show? I got the opportunity to attend the arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 12, and I've got the down-and-dirty details about what really happens when celebs mingle with hundreds of entertainment reporters.


Everything was all very organized, and I had no problem finding my official waiting group -- Zone 4. Everyone was looking at their iPhones and/or milling around looking bored and nonchalant. After about an hour, we were marched out, single file, to find our assigned places on the blue carpet.

Check this out -- officially official.

Now it was time to wait some more. And more. And then more. Hours of waiting in about two square feet, and I wore pointy-toed, heeled boots because I wanted to look cute. Bad. Decision. This point is irrelevant to the story -- other than to offer a PSA that you should always wear comfortable shoes when you're going to be standing one place for four hours.

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I will show you how packed in we were though. This is to my right and then my left.

One thing I managed to gather from some of the other veteran entertainment reporters around me was that we were basically the end of the line for the celebs, and most of them wouldn't even bother to come over and say hi. "Definitely not any A-listers," said one jaded guy.

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Which means that I was spending the majority of my time squinting at the grainy pictures on my tip sheet and trying to figure out who was who. From a distance, I was totally excited to see someone I thought was Katy Perry, with a dark hairdo and an outrageous costume.

It turned out to be Bai Ling upon closer inspection, but yes, the dragon outfit was just as crazy in person as it looks in pictures. It was actually pretty cool, and she had the chutzpah to pull it off!

Then there was this cutie who I swear gave me the eye a couple of times. I found out his name and googled him quickly. Garrett Clayton, born in 1991 and the star of Teen Beach Movie. Yup, just call me Mrs. Robinson.

And just as quickly as Jennifer Lopez buzzed by on her way into the show (without stopping to talk to anyone in No Man's Land), it was time to go.

Overall, it was totally fun to be there, even if I didn't get to chat up (or even lay eyes on) most of the nominees of the night. Everyone looked gorgeous, and hey -- now I have some new MTV shows to watch, just so I can find out who all of the sweet actors are who actually made their way over to our end of the carpet.

Which celebrity would you like to meet?


Images via Jenny Erikson

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