Truth About Kate Middleton's Second Baby Is Really Kind of Sad

An heir and a spare, right? As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gear up to welcome Prince George's little brother or sister, many are speculating about the life that awaits the little one, as the "spare to the heir."


21-month-old George is the third in line to the crown, and will more than likely one day be the sovereign. His little brother or sister probably won't, especially in this day of good health.

Of course that role may allow more freedom (i.e. Prince Harry's naked Las Vegas shenanigans), but it also brings a certain degree of uncertainty. While Prince George's little brother or sister will probably never be the reigning monarch, there's still the chance that tragedy will befall, and they'll have to all of a sudden fill that role. It's like they have to train for a job they'll never likely fill, unless a huge trauma occurs.

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I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound fun at all. Royal historian Hugo Vickers said, "I think the most difficult thing about being the number two is you don't know if by some misfortune you are going to be called upon to take the number one role ... You never quite know if you're going to be called upon to become king, or instead have what you, if you're being really cynical, could say is a relatively pointless life."

Thanks, Debbie Downer! That's not depressing at all.

Fortunately, Kate Middleton and Prince William have already bucked several traditional aspects of the monarchy (including the fact that he married her -- a commoner), and have decided not to raise their children in the stuffy gilded lifestyle.

We have a feeling this new little one will do just fine in life -- Will and Kate seems to be exemplary parents, even if they are royals.

Do you think things will be different for the new little royal than other "spare heirs" in the past?


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