Bruce Jenner's Diane Sawyer Interview Shows Him Looking Different Already (VIDEO)

Bruce JennerJust in case you're still thinking this whole Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman thing is a protracted prank orchestrated by Kris Jenner (I know you're out there, people!), maybe this Diane Sawyer interview promo will change your mind. The interview, which will air on April 24, definitely confirms that Bruce and Diane have a serious sitdown about his "journey."


Now, I suppose it is quite possible that Bruce's "journey" is a road trip he is taking to Yosemite, but somehow I doubt Diane would be much interested in that. Take a peek at the promo:

Hm, really have to read between the lines on that one, dontcha? "The journey, the decisions, the future ..." Erm, yeah, sounds kinda serious.

Bruce looks like he's dressed as a man, but his hair is certainly longer than we've seen. Held back in a ponytail, I suspect this will be the first time we'll see Bruce looking decidedly more feminine.

The promo gives no hint as to what specifically he will discuss, but rumors have said he will cry, he will talk about the impact on his family, and he may or may not reveal his new name. I just don't know know when I should change my pronouns, so I hope he clears that up!

I'd also like to hear if he always knew (rumors say he knew since age 5), if Kris Jenner knew, and what made him decide to finally go forward with surgery. Of course I'd love to know his new name, too.

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It's sure to be a fascinating two hours, and I for one can't wait to see it. You have to admire Bruce's bravery.

Will you watch? What do you want to hear from him?


Image via Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

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