Sandra Bullock's Terrifying 911 Call Over Stalker Will Give You Chills (LISTEN)

Sandra BullockWhat Sandra Bullock went through when a deranged man broke into her home is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Bullock's alleged stalker, Joshua Corbett, is at a preliminary trial for the night he burst into the star's home while she cowered in the closet. The 911 call Sandra makes is just chilling.


The Gravity actress testified that she woke up in her Bel Air, California home when she heard a noise that she thought was wind. But suddenly she realized she was in trouble -- there was a man in her home, a strange man. Sandra's home is equipped with a "safe room" and she ran there and dialed the police. Here's the call:

Yikes, that call is shiver-inducing. Reportedly, after Sandra slammed the door to her bedroom and went into the safe room, Corbett began screaming and asking her to forgive him.

He was later reportedly found to have an arsenal of weapons at his house.

We can imagine during this terrifying time, Sandra's first thought was for her son, Louis. While earlier reports implied the 4-year-old was home during the break-in, later reports say he was not. It's unclear where he was, but if he wasn't home, that must have been such a relief for Sandra.

This guy sounds extremely disturbed. So scary that not only could he get into Sandra's home, but that he allegedly had a cache of weapons. This could have turned out so much worse.


Image via Photo Image Press / Splash News

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