​Ryan Gosling Is a Perfect Gentleman -- Even When It Comes to Texting During an Interview (VIDEO)

As if we needed yet another reason to swoon over Ryan Gosling. The dreamboat actor was making the press rounds for his directorial debut, The Lost River, when the most embarrassing thing happened to him. Gosling got a text mid-interview.


Ryan was in the middle of an interview with The Telegraph when his iPhone made that tell-tale beep indicating an incoming text message.

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Rather than acting all self-important and like his time is more important than the interviewers (because he's Ryan-freaking-Gosling), he did the most gentlemanly thing ever. He didn't even look at the screen before tossing it across the room, acting embarrassed that he forgot to silence it.

Then the interviewer asked if that would've bugged him now that he's a director, and Gosling confessed that he would "just go nuts" if one of his actors' cells rang during filming, and he might have to take his "shirt off and start swinging."

Take a look and try not to swoon at Ryan's impeccable manners:

What do you do when your cellphone beeps at an inopportune time?


Image via Jon Furniss/Corbis

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