Artist's 'No Kardashian Parking' Signs Illuminate Our Sad Obsession with Celebrities (PHOTO)

KardashianLet's hope the Kardashians are big into valet parking, because they just lost a few parking places around Los Angeles. An artist by the name of Plastic Jesus has posted signs around town reading, "No Kardashian Parking Any Time." Something tells me this guy won't be invited to any of Kanye West's artist parties.


Jesus (not that one!) told The Hollywood Reporter that the idea came to him as he was driving along Melrose Avenue when a swarm of paparazzi descended upon a Kardashian who exited a store, leaving traffic in a snarl. He asked himself why the hell this was news -- why weren't these guys chasing politicians, asking them real questions about our future, huh, huh?!

Well, let me tell you, the reason the press is obsessed with celebs like the KDashes because YOU are. By "you" I mean everyone. As someone who writes about the Kardashians virtually every day, I can attest, if no one was interested, and no one was reading, I would not be writing. So, people, this is all about you. Even if you hate the Kardashians, or celeb culture in general, as long as you are clicking or buying or watching, you are the problem.

That said, I also think that celebrity culture has taken the place of community culture. There once was a time when we all lived together in the same little villages, and we all gossiped about so-and-so -- and it would be someone we all knew. It was a way of keeping us in touch and in tune with each other.

Now, we are more isolated than ever. Much of our interactions are shallow, we spend more time with our work colleagues than with our spouses or kids or parents, and our "friendships" are often relegated to posting on someone's Facebook wall. More than ever we want to feel connected by talking about the same person, someone we all know -- so we pick a celebrity.

When Kim divorced Kris Humphries, we could all blab about it like Kim was that shamefully rebellious cousin that we would have blabbed about in the past -- but none of us really know anymore (didn't she move to Canada?).

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It's sad, but celebrity worship does serve some kind of sociological purpose. Homework: Figure out who in your family to gossip about tonight, and leave Kim, Khloe, and Bruce out of it.

That said, I'm sure the Kardashians can find other places to park.

Are we totally pathetic?

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