Kristen Stewart Shows Robert Pattinson What He’s Missing in Awesome Video (WATCH)

Robert pattinsonNow that Robert Pattinson is (supposedly) engaged, the world might be wondering, how is RPattz's mom feeling? Is she happy with -- of course we don't care about her! Haha! We want to know what Kristen Stewart is up to. How's she feeling? Well, besides (supposedly) running to Taylor Lautner for comfort, she's appearing on Conan O'Brien. And, guys, she does not seem upset at all. Hmm. Well, she is an actress.


KStew appeared with Conan to promote -- something, I guess? But what she did end up promoting was her favorite musician, Jenny Lewis, since she appeared in her latest video. And, omigod, you've got to see what she does. And who she looks like:

Hey, I think if SNL's Kate McKinnon ever gets tired of doing Bieber, the show could definitely hire Kristen. When she pointed down towards her Bieb-is, she looked just like him as channeled by McKinnon in her Calvin Klein parody -- minus the moustache.

You have to wonder if Rob sees this if he'll miss her. Not that outfit -- I mean, she didn't exactly look like Rob's type there -- but her wit and sense of humor and sense of fun. You get the feeling that FKA Twigs is super serious and would never do this kind of thing.

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Oh, well, I guess if Kristen is with Alicia Cargile, none of it matters anyway. Sniff.

Will this video make Rob regret his decision?

Image via Jackson Lee / Splash News

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