Kim Kardashian Debuts Big Surprise in Armenia (PHOTO)

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After talking about it for ages, the Kardashians have finally touched down in Armenia. Well, some of the Kardashians. Kim, Khloe, Kanye, and little North West arrived in the country on Wednesday evening, and from the looks of their Instagram accounts, they couldn't be more excited to be there. 


'Of course, as one may expect, though, Kim didn't just arrive in Armenia, looking like she normally does. Nope. Kim had to add her special twist to the trip; something that made people say, "Hey, wait a minute..." You guys? Kim has long hair again. Call the newspapers.

Long hair don't care

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Thus far, Kim hasn't shared too many photos of her trip of a lifetime, save for one shot of a screaming crowd and another of Kanye carrying North, but she did, however, share two photos of her super long hair. 'Memba, it was only a little while ago that she had short (blond!) hair?

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Clearly, these are extensions, as nobody could grow their mane that long that quickly, but I will say: It's pretty damn impressive that Kim's hair is so insanely shiny after being blond. No other person in the universe could have that. Bleach fries your hair.

Kim, as usual, looks beautiful, and it will be exciting to see what photos she posts from her trip. You know, the ones that aren't selfies.

What do you think of Kim's hair?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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