Scott Disick & Kendall Jenner Affair Rumors Come Back With a Bang

Scott Disick Kendall Jenner

Just when we thought the possibility of Scott Disick hooking up with Kendall Jenner behind Kourtney Kardashian's back was nothing more than a vicious rumor, new details about how the alleged affair got started have emerged, making us question whether or not something slightly inappropriate may have gone down between them.


Oh come on, you know how things work as far as the Hollywood crowd goes. If a rumor keeps popping up over and over again, odds are good there is a teensy-weensy bit of truth to it, even if it's not quite as embellished as reports are making it out to be.

At the very least, we can definitely picture Scott getting flirty with Kendall, well, because he's ... himself.

And apparently flirting is exactly where this whole thing started with the two of them. According to Hollywood Life, things got a little awkward with Scott and Kendall last May at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding.

A source claims:

Scott timed it perfectly. Everyone was so caught up in Kim's wedding that they didn't pick up on anything else that was going on around them, and Scott jumped at the opportunity to get cozy with Kendall. 

Supposedly he didn't take things any farther until a couple of months later, however. The source adds:

He did it because he enjoyed it, and he convinced Kendall that there was nothing wrong with them misbehaving a little. After all, they're not really related!

Um, excuse me? No, technically they're not related, but that doesn't change the fact that Scott has three children with Kendall's half-sister! Gah.

Again, while the two of them having a full-blown affair seems a little bit hard to believe, would you really be all that surprised if they not-so-harmlessly flirted with each other simply for the sake of doing so?

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Oh come on. Scott is obviously going through some sort of pre-mid-life crisis, so hitting on a 19-year-old would certainly satisfy his ego. And as far as Kendall is concerned, she probably loves the extra attention, as it can be pretty hard to resist some older dude falling all over you when you're young and impressionable.

And then there's the whole competition element with her older sister. It's doubtful that she'd ever do anything to intentionally hurt Kourtney, but still, having her sister's boyfriend find her attractive might be quite flattering.

But whatever did or did not go on between these two, let's just hope they've put a stop to it and that this is the last time we'll hear about them being anything more than (sort of) related. The last thing the Kardashian family needs is a legit love triangle going on between two sisters and one super shady baby daddy.

Do you think Kendall and Scott hooked up?


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